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El Capitan District 2012 Camp-O-Ree PACKET TABLE OF CONTENTS Page 2

Date; Location; Who Can Go Directions to Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area (SFDRA) Fee Schedule

Page 3

Getting Started (Paperwork) - Tour Permit; Registration; RV Facilities; Arrival - Check-In, Set-Up, Leadership Meeting; Event Staff Meeting Departure - Check-Out

Page 3

Important Issues Parking I.D.’s; Sanitation; Amenities; Campfires; Trading Post, First Aid; Trash Disposal; Wildlife; Terrain; Staff and Adult Meals; Campfire Program; Cracker Barrel; Scout’s Own; Uniforms; Order of the Arrow Call-Out

Page 5

Camporee Rules Courtesy; Vehicle Rules; Detailed Rules and Regulations Map

Page 6

Schedule of Events

Page 7

Amazing Race Competition Rules – Event Judging, Scout Spirit, Instructions Required Patrol Items, Event Scores

Page 8

Events – Patrol Events, Individual Events

Page 9

Awards and Scoring Site Judging Criteria - Camp Gadget Judging Criteria, Gateway Judging Criteria

Page 10

Judging Criteria - Troop Campsite Inspection Criteria


Registration Forms (separate forms for Scouts and adults).

Deadline for Pre-Registration: April 1st ! Deadline for Registration: April 14th Roundtable! Camporee Contact

Michael Jensen Camporee Director [email protected] C: 714-523-4800

2012 El Capitan District Camporee



April 27to 29, 2012


Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area in Irwindale

WHO CAN GO: Registered Boy Scouts, Leaders and adult family members

Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area 15501 East Arrow Hwy, Irwindale, CA, 626-334-1065

The Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area is a LA County Park near the 605 and 210 freeways. During this weekend, the Renaissance Faire will also be taking place so there will be a lot of traffic coming into the park. The group campsite area is remote from the rest of the park so the crowds should not be an issue.

DIRECTIONS: Take the 5 Freeway North to the 605 Fwy North. Exit at Live Oak, exit 23, going east. Live Oak becomes Arrow Hwy. For Friday before 6:00 PM and Saturday before 6:00 PM: Turn left onto Azusa Canyon Rd (about 2 miles from freeway). Follow the road into the park. After the parking pay station, turn right (north) at the first stop sign. Proceed to the first left and follow the signs to the group camp site. For Friday between 6:00 PM and 10:00 PM and Saturday after 6:00 PM: From Arrow Hwy, turn left on S. Irwindale Ave. Turn left on W. 1st St. Cross the railroad tracks and turn left on Peckham Rd. Take first right to group camp sites. Watch for the El Capitan Camporee signs. See map on page 5.







* Patches will be included if available. Scouts will have priority on patches over leaders. EXTRA PATCHES (if available)


Vehicles Fees – No fee Friday night after 4:00 PM. Saturday prices are: Vehicles under 20 feet total (includes trailers)


RVs and Vehicles with trailers over 20 feet total


Note: The date you register is the price you pay at the time. If you add more later you pay the price of the later registration at the later price for the ones you are adding. If you cannot attend Roundtable, contact Michael Jensen (Chair.) at (714) 523-4800. 2 of 12

2012 El Capitan District Camporee


GETTING STARTED: PAPERWORK TOUR PLAN WORKSHEET: A standard BSA tour plan worksheet will be required for this event and should be posted in your campsite. (Download Tour plan at http://www.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/680-014_fillable.pdf) REGISTRATION: Save money, register early ~ We must have Patrol Names with number of patrol members at the time of registration. No changing of Patrol Names will be allowed after register is received to assist with Patrol assignments and scoring. RV FACILITIES: There are no hook-ups or electrical connections available at the site. Designated recreational vehicle parking areas are limited both in size and quantity. Pre-registration is required for all recreational vehicles.

ARRIVAL CHECK-IN and SET-UP: Units may arrive on Friday after 4:00 p.m. and should proceed to the El Capitan Camporee vehicle checkpoint area. The gate will be closed at around 10:00 PM on Friday and will reopen at 8:00 AM on Saturday. (In case of an emergency, the gate can be opened at any time.) The Scoutmaster or designated adult leader from each unit should walk to Headquarters (in the Front of the campsite) and register after 5:00 p.m. on Friday. You may report any changes to your registration and pay any fees still owed. Please CHECK-IN your Unit before the Friday night 8:30p.m. Leadership Meeting. New Patrol – A “New” Patrol is one with, on average, its members being Second Class or lower. (Tenderfoot is 1 point, 2nd class 2 points, etc.) The intent is for younger patrols to have an opportunity to compete with equally experienced patrols so they stay engaged with the race all day. (Definition may change) LEADERSHIP MEETING – SPL’s, Scout Leaders: There will be a Leadership Meeting at the headquarters area at 8:30 p.m. on Friday night. All Senior Patrol Leaders and Scoutmasters are expected to attend. Please be prepared to take notes and relay information back to your units. EVENT STAFF MEETING: Immediately following the Leadership Meeting at 9:00 p.m. on Friday night, all adult staff members, event managers, and unit commissioners are requested to attend a staff meeting at the headquarters area with the events staff to review the next day's events. Please be prepared to take notes! All units need to supply volunteers to help staff the events.

DEPARTURE CHECK-OUT: Please plan to pack up and leave immediately after the Scouts Own so the staff can go home! When your Unit is ready to leave, the campsite should be neat and clean. All trash must be carried out.

IMPORTANT ISSUES PARKING: All vehicles must be parked in the designated Camporee parking areas. Parking is somewhat limited so please carpool as much as possible. SANITATION: There is only one permanent restroom. Kybos will be located throughout the campsite. PLEASE review bathroom etiquette with your boys so that the Kybos stay as clean as possible. AMENITIES: Most sites will have one or more picnic tables. Water access is close to, but not in your campsites, so please plan accordingly. Bring your own water container to carry water for drinking, cooking and cleaning. Water faucets are limited. Do not wash dishes at faucets!

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2012 El Capitan District Camporee


CAMPFIRES: Due to the size of our group and the typically high fire danger, OPEN FIRES WILL NOT BE PERMITTED IN CAMPSITES. TRADING POST: The Trading Post will be run by the Order of the Arrow during the weekend. It will be stocked with sodas, bottled water and assorted snacks on Saturday. FIRST AID: A First Aid station will be set up during Camporee. First aid kits, however, will be expected at each campsite and will be part of the campsite inspection criteria. TRASH DISPOSAL: All trash must be carried out. Please bring your own trash bags. No trash bags, trash cans or dumpsters will be available. WILDLIFE: SFDRA is home to lots of wildlife. Please leave all wildlife alone and report any snakes to the headquarters staff immediately. TERRAIN: The terrain at SFDRA is rugged, plan on a lot of walking. There is lots of cactus near the campsites, please be wary, especially at night. STAFF & ADULT MEALS: All adult and youth staff members who have units attending Camporee should make arrangements to have meals with their units. Staff meals must be prepaid at the April Roundtable. No refunds. CAMPFIRE PROGRAM: A campfire program will be held on Saturday evening at the amphitheater. If parents and family members will be coming into camp on Saturday evening just for the Campfire, please arrive by 6:30 PM. Parking will be limited at the site, so they may need to park near the lake and walk to the site. CRACKER-BARREL: There will be a cracker-barrel on Saturday after campfire at Headquarters. Please bring your own cups. AWARD CEREMONY: The award ceremony will start on Saturday at 7:00 p.m. at the campfire. SCOUT’S OWN: There will be a non-denominational “Scout’s Own” service on Sunday at 8:00 a.m. at the campfire area. All units are strongly encouraged to attend. If you choose not to attend, strict silence must be observed throughout the service. STAFF - Every troop should plan to provide volunteer adults and/or senior Scouts to work on staff. Remember, this event is entirely planned and run by volunteers within El Capitan District – we need everyone to contribute. Please contact Michael Jensen as soon as possible with the names and e-mail addresses of your volunteers. UNIFORMING: Scouts must wear uniforms at all times during the weekend. Dress uniforms should be worn traveling to camp on Friday, during the Saturday Campfire, and the Scout’s Own on Sunday. During the day on Saturday, Scouts may wear their troop or patrol Activity Uniforms. For maximum points, Activity Uniforms must be identical from the waist up. Scouts are expected to dress in a “Scout-like Manner”. Shirts must be tucked in. No saggy or baggy pants or shorts allowed. Note: Temperatures at SFDRA often run to the extreme. It can be very cold at night and in the morning, and very hot during the day. Staff is not responsible for the weather – be prepared! O.A. CALL-OUT: The Order of the Arrow will call-out candidates at Campfire. Please instruct all Scouts to be respectful of this solemn ceremony. O.A. Candidates will be led to a separate area for instruction and will rejoin their units after the campfire. GENERATORS – All generators must be placed on plywood and not directly on the ground.

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2012 El Capitan District Camporee


CAMPOREE RULES COURTESY: This is a large group event – thank you for cooperating with the Camporee Staff and park rangers even if it means not doing things the way your unit might usually do them on a troop campout.

VEHICLE RULES: PLEASE follow the directions given by the Camporee staff. Vehicles will be allowed in only between the hours of 4 pm and 10 pm on Friday evening. The speed limit inside SFDRA is 15 mph. If at all possible, do not use vehicles on Saturday as the boys will be using the road to get to the event areas. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14.

All groups and units must camp in designated "campsite" only. Each unit must supply their own fuel (no liquid fuel – propane only). It is illegal to cut, mutilate, or destroy any tree, shrub, or plant growing in the camp. All Youth Protection Training guidelines and BSA regulations will be enforced. All activity will cease at eleven o'clock p.m. on Friday and ten o’clock p.m. on Saturday. Quiet conditions should be maintained until reveille the following morning. All Kybos must be maintained in a clean and sanitary condition. No dishwashing or hand washing at faucets or other water sources. Please transport water back to your campsite. All trash must be bagged and carried out of camp. No laser pointers, radios, electronic games, walkie-talkies, fireworks, etc. shall be permitted except where required by Staff members. No alcoholic beverages or smoking will be permitted anywhere in the Camporee area. Scouts are to remain in the Camporee area at all times. The buddy system is in effect throughout the weekend. All Scouts and Scouters should conduct themselves in a "scout-like manner.” Do not dig trenches.

Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area Group Sites

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2012 El Capitan District Camporee



Check-in and set up.

5:00 to 6:00pm

Dinner Hour

8:30 to 9:00pm

LEADERSHIP MEETING for SPL’s and Scoutmasters at Headquarters.

9:00 to 9:30pm

Staff Meeting for all staff members, volunteers, event managers, and unit commissioners at Headquarters.


Headquarter Staff Meeting


The gate closes. No arrivals or departures after this time.


TAPS and LIGHTS OUT (No noise or talking – adults too!)

SATURDAY 6:30 am


7:00 to 8:15

Breakfast & Clean up.




Staff to event areas


Relief of Mafeking Starts

~11:30 to 1:15 pm



Staff to event areas

1:15 to 4:30

Relief of Mafeking Resumes

4:30 to 6:30

Free time, DINNER, clean-up, prepare for campfire.


Proceed to Campfire.


Campfire, Awards and OA Tap-Out Ceremonies






GATE CLOSES. No departures after this time.

SUNDAY 7:00 am



“Scout’s Own”


Mass exodus home Schedule subject to change without notice! 6 of 12

2012 El Capitan District Camporee


THE EL CAPITAN AMAZING RACE COMPETITION RULES EVENT JUDGING The entire events competition is a timed race. The purpose is to move through all of the patrol and individual events as quickly as possible, while taking care to not make mistakes. Mistakes (incorrect lashings, knots, etc.) will add penalty minutes to the patrol final time. The lowest total time will determine the winners of the Relief of Mafeking Events Competition. SCOUT SPIRIT Up to 30 penalty minutes will be added based on the Patrol Spirit criteria below. Only one of the criteria will be judged at a given patrol event, but we expect the boys to always have their patrol flag with them and repeat the yell at each event as the patrols will not be told which of these criteria will be used during an event. Patrol Leader not in charge Patrol not dressed in Scout-like manner1 Patrol members not taking an active part in the event No Patrol flag No Patrol yell2 Patrol not conducting themselves by the Scout Law Possible penalty minutes in Scout Spirit

5 min. 5 min. 5 min. 5 min. 5 min. 5 min. 30 min.

1. Dressed identically from the waist up. Overall attire is reasonably clean and neat. Shirts are tucked in and pants are not baggy. No underwear must be showing. Hats are optional. 2. The Boys may use only their voice and body (No Instruments) INSTRUCTIONS All event instructions will be given to the Patrol Leader in written form to be read to and discussed with his Patrol. It will be his responsibility to follow all instructions and to direct his Patrol. REQUIRED PATROL ITEMS - Each Patrol will need the following items during the competition: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Notebook or pad and a pen or pencil (for taking notes) First Aid Kit Compass Water A watch

EVENT SCORES All scores will be verified by the Patrol Leader. The Patrol Leader should sign the scorecard BEFORE LEAVING for the next event. Should a scoring problem arise that cannot be solved by talking to the Event Leader, please contact the Camporee Director prior to leaving the event site. Please be patient and understanding. We will try our best to resolve any problems. Please remind your Scouts that this is all in fun. The Camporee Staff does its very best to score the events fairly, but sometimes the criteria is subjective or the staff has to respond to unexpected creativity by the Scouts in solving the problem given. Thank you for graciously accepting the decision of the Event Leaders.

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2012 El Capitan District Camporee


EVENT TYPES There will be two types of events during the camporee, Patrol and Individual. In the patrol events, the entire patrol is expected to participate. In an individual event, only one or two members will participate in the event; however, each patrol member must participate in at least one individual event. No scout can participate in a second individual event until all patrol members have participated in an individual event. The details of the events, as well as the events themselves, are subject to change. The following events are planned:

Patrol Events 1. Cooking – Set up and get cooking! 2. Obstacle Course – Move through the course and solve the puzzle. 3. Nature – Identify plants and animals along the trail. 4. First Aid – Help the wounded and transport. 5. Equipment Transport – Using lashing skills learned from the Boy Scout Handbook, build a system to transport gear across a ravine and use it. 6. Compass - Find your way to the finish. 7. Swamp Race – Get across the swamp without getting wet. 8. Final Event – The final event before the finish line is a memory challenge about the day’s events. Individual Events 1. Far and Away – How far is that pole and how high is it? 2. Water Balloon Launch – Hit that target! 3. Canoeing – Paddle around a bit. 4. Rescue Throw – Save the day! 5. Archery – Accuracy challenge. 6. Lumberjack – Know how to tie a timber hitch? 7. Scout Badge – A scout is knowledgeable. A word about Lunch – Every event will have a time listed that marks the latest time before lunch a patrol may start that event. For example, no patrol may start the Compass Event after 11:30 AM. This will allow the staff adequate time to have lunch back at camp. All events will close at noon and reopen at 1:15. Patrols - Plan ahead!

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2012 El Capitan District Camporee


AWARDS & SCORING All Awards Will Be Presented During the Campfire Program 

1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place Overall Patrol Awards for new patrols and experienced patrols will be determined by the time to complete all of the events and adding any penalty minutes.

1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place Patrol Event Awards will be given to the new and experienced patrols with the best scores in each event.

1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place Overall Troop Awards will be determined by some complicated mathematical formula devised by the camporee director.

1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place Awards will be given for Best Camp Gadget.

1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place Awards will be given for Best Camp Gateway

1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place Awards will be given for Best Campsite.

SITE JUDGING CRITERIA CAMP GADGET JUDGING (Limit: One judged gadget per troop) A camp gadget is a pioneering project that is made with natural materials and can be put to practical use in camp. Any type of gadget may be constructed. Construction may take place prior to Camporee or during set-up. Moving parts are not a requirement. No fasteners of any type are allowed – all joints must be made with rope lashings. The Scouts must complete all work with no outside assistance. At the Camp Site Judging time the camp Gadget will be judged. Points will be awarded for: Gadget Purpose (presented in either written or oral form) Usefulness (suitable location; size/capacity; being used) Construction (appropriate wood/materials used; quality of lashings; sturdiness) Ambition (originality and ingenuity) TOTAL POINTS

10 pts. 25 pts. 25 pts. 20 pts. 80 pts.

CAMP GATEWAY JUDGING Judging will be based on the pioneering practices found in the BSA handbook and any edition of the Pioneering Merit Badge book. Outside sources for lashings and structures are permitted. Gateways must be constructed from wood poles and rope only. No nails, screws, tape, plastic or plywood. (Block and tackle, pulleys, canvas and sail twine is permitted). Adults must act as safety officers only. (Gateway must be youth built. Remember a scout is Trustworthy). The Gateway should be operational in some way, for example; turnstile, swinging gate, drawbridge, etc. Lashings - (use of square, diagonal, shear and round lashings) Lashing Quality - (are lashings made properly and are they durable) Operability - (ease of operation and inventiveness) Design Quality - (imagination and execution) TOTAL POINTS

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20 pts. 20 pts. 20 pts. 20 pts. 80 pts.

2012 El Capitan District Camporee


TROOP CAMPSITE INSPECTION CRITERIA All inspections will be conducted by a single team of Unit Commissioners, and the decision of the judges will be final. Requirements will be adjusted for backpacking units as appropriate. Exact point allocations are not shared with troops prior to Camporee. However, campsite inspections will be based on the following criteria:                     

Camp arrangement and set-up Boundary and Gateway American flag properly displayed Campsite is free of litter and debris Patrol areas neat, clean and safe Tents (with ground cloths) properly erected and anchored Inside of Scout’s tents clean and orderly. (tent door or window shall be left open to see through) Sleeping bags neat and tidy. Gear stowed in packs. Fire bucket next to every tent Tour permit on display No stray Scouts in camp during inspection – all Scouts participating in events, unless excused Patrol duty rosters and fire charts posted, filled out and kept dry Patrol menus posted and kept dry Camp equipment and cooking equipment clean and properly stored Food protected and properly stored No food in packs or tents Garbage containers available and in use for each patrol Adequate first aid kit visible to all Fuels properly stored Camp gadget (having at least one) Additional campsite improvements/crafts – created basically with natural material and put to practical use to make campsite more comfortable and convenient. Examples include utensil rack, pack rack, table, seat, boot scraper, fire bucket holder, tripod, wash basin, etc.

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2012 El Capitan District Camporee



Troop #_________

No. of Patrols:_______ No. of Boys:_________ Total No. Adults & Family Members:_________

Scoutmaster:___________________________________________________ Address:________________________________________ Phone:__________________ City:___________________________________________ Zip:____________________ Email _________________________________________________________





LICENSE NUMBER __________________________

LIST NAMES OF ALL ADULT LEADERS & FAMILY MEMBERS ATTENDING 1.SM/CM _____________________________ 2.ASST. SM./CM _______________________ 3.____________________________________ 4.____________________________________ 5.____________________________________ 6.____________________________________ 7.____________________________________ 8.____________________________________ 9.____________________________________ 10.___________________________________ Before April 1st

11.______________________________________ 12.______________________________________ 13.______________________________________ 14.______________________________________ 15.______________________________________ 16.______________________________________ 17.______________________________________ 18.______________________________________ 19.______________________________________ 20.______________________________________

PREPAID TOTAL: PAGE 1 [email protected] $ 14.00 = $_____________ PREPAID TOTAL YOUTH PAGE 2 $_____________ TOTAL $_____________

By April Roundtable REGISTRATION TOTAL: PAGE 1 [email protected] $16.00 = $____________ REGISTRATION TOTAL YOUTH PAGE 2 $_____________ TOTAL_____________ After April 14 or On-Site Late Registration TOTAL: PAGE 1 ________ @ $18.00 = ____________ LATE TOTAL YOUTH PAGE 2 $_____________ TOTAL_____________ Note: The date you register is the price you pay at the time. If you add more later you pay the price of the later registration at the OVERALL TOTAL_____________ later price for the ones you are adding. i.e. 3-8 @$16.00, [email protected]$18.00

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2012 El Capitan District Camporee


PATROL INFORMATION Patrol Name:__________________________

Patrol Name:__________________________

New Patrol Y / N Scouts Names

New Patrol Y / N Rank

Scouts Names


PL -

PL -



Patrol Name:__________________________

Patrol Name:_________________________

New Patrol Y / N Scouts Names

New Patrol Y / N Rank

Scouts Names

PL -

PL -





# Prepaid Registration For Youth


@ $14.00 = $___________

# Regular Registration For Youth


@ $16.00 = $___________

# Late Registration For Youth __________

@ $18.00 = $___________ Total $___________

New Patrol – A “New” Patrol is one with its members being, on average, Second Class or lower. Definition subject to change based on number of patrols that fit the category. 12 of 12


Ahwahnee District - El Capitan District

El Capitan District 2012 Camp-O-Ree PACKET TABLE OF CONTENTS Page 2 Date; Location; Who Can Go Directions to Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area (SFDRA) Fee...

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