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Online Healthcare Reputation Management Basics

Respond to reviews without violating HIPAA

Quality online reviews will enhance your local SEO rankings and visibility




Our Introduction What do you think is more valuable for choosing a new physician or practice - an online review or the suggestion that your friend makes? Nearly three out of four consumers (72%) say they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. As consumers become increasingly accustomed to checking online reviews before making an appointment, this willingness to trust online reviews is impacting professional services, including medical practices. In the last year alone, 68 percent more patients turned to online reviews to gather information about potential healthcare providers. And nearly half of all patients (44%) may be willing to seek out-of-network doctors with favorable online reviews. Does your online reputation have new patients lining up to schedule an appointment or is it scaring folks away?

Online Healthcare Reputation Management Basics

Online reputation management can be tricky.

issues that a single physician or practice cannot

On the one hand, candid reviews are important

single-handedly fix. Additionally, doctor-patient

for protecting prospective patients from an

confidentiality prevents physicians from directly

unethical physician or poorly managed practice;

engaging online critics. While you can't wage

however, these practice and physician-related

all-out war with an online critic, the good news is

problems are pretty rare. Most of the criticism

that you don’t need to. And many factors outside

that’s leveled at doctors in online reviews—a

a physician's immediate control, like wait times,

long wait before an appointment, the high cost

actually rank as one of the least important factors

of a treatment—are systemic

for patient reviews.


 Management Basics

A survey of 4,000 patients using reviews found that the following review elements are most important when deciding whether or not to schedule an appointment at a physician’s practice: In general, most physicians are rated positively and have higher rankings for hospitals and medical practices that are associated with better medical care. Unfortunately, since physician review websites (PRWs) do not verify the authenticity of a patient’s review, there’s a high possibility for abuse, misinformation, and outdated information.

 Quality of care (48 percent)


 Rating (45 percent)

 Patient experience (40 percent)

 Accurate diagnoses (34 percent)

Wait times (25 percent)

Doctor's listening skills (22 percent)

Management Basics

27% - Yelp 26%

- Healthgrades


- Rate MDs


- Vitals


- ZocDoc

4% - Other

While you cannot directly control the quality or quantity of your practice’s reviews, these reviews play an increasingly important role in generating referral traffic to your website and appointments for your practice. The following steps are a good start for online reputation management:


Management Basics

80% of consumers find online reviews just as trustworthy as personal recommendations.

Keep tabs on your profiles. You can’t improve what you don’t know! Popular PRWs include Healthgrades.com, Vitals.com and RateMDs.com. Increasingly, websites like ZocDoc.com also offers patient reviews in conjunction with the ability to book appointments with participating physicians. Don’t spend all month manually checking each site for new reviews, there are plenty of technologies out there that will send automated reports notifying you of any new updates. A few tools to check out to handle this for you: Connectivity, Yext.


Management Basics

44% Set up an online profile. Many PRWs allow physicians to display professional profiles; use the information in your profile to control your reputation and protect against potential criticism. For example, you could highlight your willingness to accept same-day appointments or your expertise in a highly specialized practice field. Use modern platforms to make sure all

of patients are willing to choose out-of-network doctors if their reviews are better than in-network doctors

directory listings are up to date at all times. Please remember that inaccurate listing information can damage your SEO rankings.



Management Basics

Request feedback from patients. In general, you

technology out there sends out surveys to your

can expect positive feedback from long-time

patients asking for reviews. If the review returns

patients. Post a sign in your waiting area saying

back negative then that review is directed to your

that you value feedback and send an

practice administrator rather than posting

appointment-follow-up email, inviting patients to take a short online survey. Quote positive reviews and link to additional positive content on your practice’s site. An agency can help setup your review solicitation and management system so that your practice can concentrate on what it is best at – helping patients return to health. Use Technology that guards against negative reviews. Some of the newest reputation management

34% of patients said the top reason they ignore online reviews is that they seem exaggerated.


Management Basics

Respond to reviews without violating HIPAA Healthcare providers have to be careful in how they respond to reviews in order to maintain patient confidentiality. A few tips:

Respond privately It is not advised to publicly comment on any patient information even if the patient mentions it first. Respond to the patient privately and ask that they call the office to resolve the situation. There may be a reason you have to respond publicly. If so, do not admit that the reviewer is a patient of the organization.

Learn from the negativity

There is usually a grain of truth to every comment. Evaluate reviews for consistency and if there is a stream of

comments similar to each other than have your practice administrator look into them. Use a modern technology to evaluate sentiment so each month you are quickly brought up to speed on what is going well and what needs improvement at your practice.

Never get defensive

You won’t always get great reviews. Other reviewers will be looking to see how you reacted to negative commentary. It

is always best to admit fault when appropriate and ask that the reviewer contact the practice personally so the issue can be resolved. Reassure your reviewers that you take the issue seriously and that you are looking into fixing the issues.


Violating HIPAA


Quality online reviews will enhance your local SEO rankings and visibility

One of Google’s main ranking signals is review

Having a higher quantity & quality of your

quantity and quality. When the search engines

reviews helps your business rank higher.

see that your practice is receiving a great deal of

Just like company culture, your reputation will

positive publicity it will award your website with

build whether you tend to it or not, let’s make

a higher trust factor, meaning your content and

sure it is a positive one! If you need any further

on-site pages will rank higher in the search

elaboration on anything discussed, feel free to

results. That is only one benefit – there are others as well! A big part of the search results page recently has been the 3 pack of Google local business reviews.


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Cardinal – www.CardinalWebSolutions.com or call 404-585-2096

SEO Ranking And Visibiltiy


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SEO Ranking And Visibiltiy

2016 Healthcare Online Reputation Management Guide Cardinal Web Solutions

Your Digital Healthcare Strategy Agency


2016 2016 Guide to Healthcare Reputation Management e-book

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